Monday, June 08, 2015

Bye-bye Chut chut!

We call pacifier Chut Chut (pronounced as choot choot).  It has been a worry for me because Tomato seem so addicted to it. We need to bring it out for outings, she can demand for it anytime anywhere. Deny her that, she will throw a tantrum.

But as fate have it, on the night of her 3rd birthday, she somehow misplaced her chut chut and we all can't find it. So she has to go to sleep without it. And oh boy, it was a loooonnngg night. She kept mumbled and whined in her sleep for it.

Daddy Oink found it the next day, and she was in such a bad mood after school, she cried the whole way from school to Grandma's house. Oink later cut the chut chut and give her, she was pacified but somehow may be the feel is different already and Oink told her now its broken, worms can go in 'x'. That trick somehow worked. And she pulled it out voluntarily. And said she doesn't want it anymore.

For that day onwards, her addiction to chut chut dropped significantly. The first few nights, she sometime wake up around 3am-4am, and will whine for it, and then remembered about the "worms" and stopped whine about it and go back to sleep.

And I am proud to say, for 11 days, she is chut-chut free! :)

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