Monday, April 21, 2014

Long weekend holiday

How was yours? Mine was awesome, in my own term, that is. By the way, blog, I am sorry I have forsaken you for a while..I am back now..:-* 'x'

I remember in my before-baby-life,  long weekends means sleep ins, shopping, watching movies, doing some outdoor thingies..

now that my baby has grown and is now nearing two, long weekend still has all those MINUS the sleep in..LOL!!!

On Good Friday, we had a little road trip down to Lundu with my parents and my in laws. We travelled in total of 3 cars.  We visited the fish market, the fresh produce market, bought some fruits and veges. Then had lunch at one of the kopitiams. Ordered mixed vege soup (without msg and less salt but I think they used fish sauce!grrr ) and some steamed meats for the kids (Tomato and her kor kor -my nephew)

After lunch, we proceeded to the beach for some beach fun. But it was too hot. I stayed in the shade 'x' I was not alone though, baby - little nephew and most adults hang out with me under the trees.. *GRIN*

The only ones who braved the scorching sun was Tomato and kor-kor. Of course I made sure Tomato has sun screen on. I made the dad run after her, while I protect my fair skin by staying in the shade *ahem*

The kids ran around the beach, mine went straight for the water...SIGH..and made her pants wet before her daddy can fold the hems up. :-s

We left at 3pm, knowing Tomato needs her nap, she must've been very tired. She slept in the car without her pants. 'x'! (I just realised I didn't take ANY PHOTO at all for the trip, oh my, oh can it be)

The following Saturday, Tomato goes to the nanny, while we parents get to pak-thor 'x' I got to catch up with my korean series while waiting for Oink to run his errands, then we went for lunch and movies! We picked Iceman (starring Donnie Yen). It was interesting but we felt cheated, cos there's no ending, its left hanging there, so I think there's Iceman 2. :-s  Then I get to go to the book store and slowly browse books *BLISS*

On Sunday, we took it slow, we had brunch, then went to Spring for some window shopping and then home for Tomato's nap. While she is napping, Oink and I watched Hercules on DVD 'x' It was lame, but I got tired of Astro's program. When she woke up, we had some snacks, then spend time in front of the TV. Then I got the idea of attacking daddy. 'x' I lunged at him, and upon seeing me, Tomato also follow suit. We attacked Daddy Oink, tickled him, pressed him, poked him. But after I stopped, my little rough girl, carried on. She smacked her daddy, punched him..Poor OINK! I almost felt sorry, until he tried to persuade Tomato to attack me back instead..HMPH! But Tomato didn't listen to him. So I continued to attack him and so did Tomato. I told Oink not to mess with us girls, or else!!! AHAHHAHAHAHAH...#GIRLSUNITED!

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