Sunday, February 23, 2014

22 feb 2014,sleep without chut chut (pacifer)

Tomato loves her chut - chut.she cant sleep without it. The thing is,her chut chut already worn out,yellow and stained. So i bought her new ones. But she hated it :/ so i decided tonight she have to start using the new one or none at all. She made a fuss. Behaved like an addict. Stubbornly refused the new pacifier. So oink said,lets wean her off pacifier then. So she cried n wailed for like half an hour. Till she tak tahan and fell So that's how her first night without pacifier went. Will try again tonight. But then,i can't help to feel sad that my little girl is growing up too fast. It may sound funny,but i'll miss her sucking pacifier look. No longer a baby.

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