Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mango's Language

This is how we communicate with her. Which is a mix of Hokkien , English & baby language.

(1) MAM MAM - which means FOOD. Her most favourite command. Always answer to this command promptly. We sometime use this to con her to come to us if she doesn't respond to command (2) for a few times.

(2) LAI - which means come. This depends on her mood. If she's in a good mood, she will come after calling LAI once. If not, you have to keep calling LAI LAI LAI...., if she still doesn't want to come, pretend to take food (make noise with plastic bag-works like magic) and say MAM MAM.HAHAHA 'x'

(3) SHEE SHEE - Which means go outside to pee (and poo). She obeys this command most of the time. Loves the opportunity to go outside to bark at people while searching for the potential spots to do her bowel business. We sometime use this to con her to do no (4)

(4) POM POM - Bath time. She hates bath time. If you try to con her to go outside with this command, you will see her trying to sneak away by hiding beside the sofa, going under table, trying to run away. So you see, we have to con her with command (3) then once we are outside, fast fast close the door gril. The con doesn't end here. She is not that stupid you see, if you call out POM POM, she will not move an inch, and stay as close as possible to the door, so you have to walk to the water pipe, and use command (2) to con her to come to you. Sometime she is smart, she knows what you are up to, and refuse to budge. So you have to sweet talk to her, and whistle. eg. *whistle*, LAI mango LAI, LAL good girl *whistle*. Usually works. And when she arrives, I will usually go MUAHAHAHA, POM POM! 'x'

(5) KIA- 1 Kia means Let's go(ride in the car)! 2 kia means lets go for a walk nearby. She responds to both eagerly.

(6) ONG ONG - sleep. If she's tired and sleepy, she will willingly walk herself to her bed. If I see that she's already half asleep, I will carry her and put her in her bed. If she's still awake, she will try to sneak away again, refusing to go to sleep.

(7) STAY - she will stay with her body down, all legs on the floor. She will usually do this without your command if she wants the food you are eating 'x'

(8) SIT - when she is still a puppy, she can do the sit pose. But now her SIT is more of a STAY :-s

Some of the communication between us is also visual. Like if I show her her water bowl, she will drink the water. I show her her harness without saying command(5), she will still jump with joy and gets excited. If I pat her bed, she will know I want her to get in.

Ok, I am ending this post with a cute photo of Mango :)


Vampire said...

First!! LOL

Lemme tell u a first-hand joke. In Hokkien, we always say this or that person communicates in a certain language by saying "ee kong ang mo uwa eh...".

So a fren of mine was saying: "wa eh kau kong hokkien uwa eh..."

So her dog talks :D

13th Panda said...

Vampire:AHAHA.."ah neh, wa eh kau kak kiang, hokkien, ang mo du eh tang" 'x'

Daniel Seow said...

lol i thought you were referring to your baby!