Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It is pure coincidence?

or is it FATE?
About a month ago, my mother in law ask us whether we wanted to go NZ or not. We were still deciding, and Oink was about 80% sure to join my MIL, when NZ is hit by earthquake.

Although the places we wanted to go is not including Christchurch, but Wellington was issued a warning on the possibility of another earthquake affecting the area. So we just forget the idea.

Then, we considered Korea/ Japan.

Honestly speaking, Japan attracts me more. The idea of visiting filming sites doesn't really attract me much 'x'

So after paying visits and calling up to the various travel agencies, we decided on, lets call it agency A, a new, small agency, just because the Japan tour package has one extra day in it and its ex Kuching, instead of ex KL. But 1 wk later, they called us, to tell us the tour was cancelled because the rest of the group has changed their tour to go KOREA.

So by then, I was quite annoyed already, and insist on staying with the plan. So I made calls here and there. And decided to join agency B, a big company who has a branch at KL. Their itinerary has one less day, and we need to go KL to meet the rest of the group. So after paying deposit and everything, I came back to book tix to KL. 3 hours ago, i saw 0.01 fares on fireflyz. Just 3 hours later, it goes up to 39.90. GRRR.

After that, for 4 days, we prepared the various docs needed for the visa. Went to renew passport even.

The very day we submitted the docs, is the day, Japan got hit by earthquake, tsunami. And now radiation leakage.

Japan, I have no fate with you..OHH~~

I hope Japan will recover soon. Its sad to see such a beautiful country turn into this.


Vampire said...

Nice pandas :D

13th Panda said...

cute eh?