Sunday, February 28, 2010

Surprised One Morning

It was my turn to wake up early and feed Mango that morning.

I woke up groggily and grouchily. I was really reluctant to get out of bed. It was drizzling, its so nice for sleeping in. But I don't want my dear Mango to get starved. So I got up anyway.

She heard my footsteps and was making all the "manja" noises. I let her out. And was heading to the door. As soon as I open the door, my half-closed eyes registered something is not right. What is all those white stuff on the floor?

DAMN CAT! Must be playing with the toilet roll we left outside AGAIN! We have 2 suspects. One is the White Persian cat that belongs to one of the neighbors. And another one is a striped cat that looks like he's wearing white socks. But who's the real culprit? I can't believe it! Our house got mess up by a cat on a CNY morning..Don't know whether should I laugh or be angry..

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