Monday, October 19, 2009

My LOOT from Taipei

Hi peeps. *GRIN*

I just got back from Taiwan last week. We went Puli, nantou. Taipei. And Hualien.

Alot ppl blogged about taiwan already. And those blogs really helped me with my itinerary. I shall not bore you with it again, the photos of the places are almost the same..AHAHA. But I shall show you the fruit of my labor err..trip.TEE HEE HEE

I had almost 2 days (accumulated) of shopping therapy. One of the days was my birthday. So for my birthday, I wanted to do what I like. Which is erm, shopping! 'x' Please don't label me as a shopaholic. The items I shopped are not branded, anyone can afford it. There's no LV, no Coach, no Burberry, no other mumbo jumbo brando stuff. Each shop, I spent less than half an hour. Its like I came, I saw, I buy. AHAHAHA..

come, I show you what I bought. Well, most of it. The ones that are not shown are either in use/ in laundry basket/ eaten/ given away/ etc.


errr, guess how many pc are there in the photo? No prize though. 'x'


Let me model the shoes a bit.

This one actually a bit shiny. But its not reflected in this photo. Never mind, its really nice if you see it for yourself. I was lucky they still had the smallest size, the next 2 bigger size after the smallest was all sold out. *HAPPY ME*

I like this pair too. Something different from what I normally would choose. Also smallest size. See how much effort I put into modelling these shoes?AHAHAH. I even put on skirt and panty hose.

I'm keeping this for CNY. Simple and nice. Suitable to wear to work.

Cute. I saw alot Taipei girls wearing something like this. But the ones they wore got wool lining inside. Too hot for Malaysia. So I chose something that is more suitable.

How can I come back without a pair of boots. Too hot to wear on normal days though. I shall wear it at night or when got formal dinners.


Striped one is to be given to my SIL. The other two cute ones are to be given to my young cousins. :)


don't know how to categorize this. In this photo apa-apa pun ada. Makeup, Majorlica majorca mascaras (which is not available in msia), accessories, my beauty diary masks, etc.


Leggings are very in there now. But don't know for how long. AHHAHA. Anyway, I bought the more plain looking ones.

Anyway, let me summarize a bit on my taiwan trip.

HOSPITALITY : EXCELLENT! If I can, I will give Taiwan "The most polite chinese populated country in the world" award. The people are so polite. Except for the aunty that is selling crabs at Keelung 'x'. Avoid her. The crabs not nice also. Kuching ones are 100x better and tastier. Hers is super expensive some more.

FOOD : Its a bit disappointing. The ones that are really popular with long queue didn't taste special to us. But we did manage to try on some really good food. Not to mention a really good Beef Noodle which will be mentioned in the future.

ACCESSIBILITY : Its easy to move around from places to places. Got bus, got high speed train, got MRT, got Taxi.Some places got shuttle bus some more. If you have done your homework, I think its easy to move around in Taiwan.

SHOPPING : GOOD. Look at how much I bought. 'x' I mean, its not really cheap. But the sales persons working in the shops/stalls are so polite and friendly, I find it a pleasant experience to shop at their places. Even if you don't buy what they promote, they won't force you or scold you. They still smile politely.

ACCOMODATION : there's plenty of homestays and affordable hotels to choose from. The one we stayed are good. I shall talk more on these in the future. Not now. AHAHHA.

I would love to go back to Taiwan one day.

Next post would be on what I bought for Mango. Stay tuned~~


Redsponge said...

I know u shop like siao!

Kekeke..i wan to take photo like u too. I mean the shoes one. Kakaka...

Btw, where is my souvenir?

zeroimpact said...

You bought so many things and the boots are nice
how long did you go there?

fel said...

wah.. you shop alot hor..
Where is my souvenir too? kekeke

13th Panda said...

redsponge: SHOPPING THERAPY IS GOOD..but when cc bill come, maybe i will cry..AHAHHA

zero: I went there for 9D8N, but the actual kai kai time is less than that cos some time spent on the the road (buses, trains, etc)

fel : erm erm, you are too far to give souvenir..when u come back, mayb sudah used/ eaten/ given to someone else..AHAHAHHA..but i will give u something for your BIG DAY..KEEKKEKE..cepat come back liaooo..

Laura Hii said...

cool.. I never been to Taiwan. it would be great if you could blog about it. u know me lahh,...i cant read chinese. travel to taiwan nvr cross my mind.

PlatinumGirl said...

Wahhhh siao che. Taiwan stuff very cheap issit? Btw, did you go free and easy on your own?

13th Panda said...

Laura: K K, I shall blog a bit about it in the future.AHAHHA

Platinum: U U U , u no read carefully, the customer service ichiban! make u shop till happy happy 'x' Yes, our trip was planned by me.