Thursday, February 19, 2009


for since it has been WEEKS since I last blogged. Not sure anyone still reads my blog not.
Recently, I've learnt something new, something addicting, something that need analyzing.
Its called MAHJONG.ROFL!!! Mahjong, badminton, shopping, taichi, watch drama, watch anime, play games..where I got time to blog kok??? AHAHA. But fear not, I will try to blog more after this.

I am always curious about mahjong. My family don't know how to play. And I don't really know anyone who knows how to play them as I grow up. Until, I am married to OINK! I always knew my father in law knows how to play. Its not until recently my father in law bought a new square table, put out his mahjong sets and SUDDENLY I realise all of them knew how to play!! At first I only observed. Then, my 1st time playing, I didn't even get to win even once. Its such a perfect timing that happygolucky gave me an online site where I can play Mahjong online with other players! So I practiced there.

And tonight is the 2nd time I play Mahjong. I won for the first time tonight. So happy I feel like celebrating, although its only a small winning. Then with guide from my master sifu(father in law) I won 3 more times, and even "PIN HE" once! but when he left I started to lose again.ROFL!

But then during the last game, I "PIN HE" all by myself. I feel so proud!AHAHAHAH..

MAHJONG IS INDEED ADDICTIVE. Now I want to go online play kok...HAHA

WANNA PLAY? WE can meet online and play!It'll be FUN!


VampireM said...

i still read your blog :D

wat username? 4-player mahjong eh?
next time i try... :D

Poh Nyuk said...
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13th Panda said...

WAH!!! Thank you for your loyalty.ROFL!

yes, its 4-player mahjong! My username is Jade13..come we set a time n go online play!

Redsponge said...

tsk tsk tsk...u u u ... habis cerita! ;PPPP

Selba said...

I used to play mahjong when I lived in Spore... it's really fun!

kyh said...

used to get addicted, but now is poker rulz!!! :P