Sunday, August 19, 2007


I hope this is the name of the shop. I can barely remember, its opposite Curry House at Rubber Road. I was craving for Thandoori chicken after i heard Jaqq mentioned about it. So me and Oink went to try it out. I ordered nasi briyani kambing with extra Thandoori. LOTS of nasi briyani was served. Luckily i have decided to let Oink share with me earlier on and he ordered Roti Canai only.

There's curry mutton, some pickled cucumber, "keropok" and don't know minced what served with the Briyani Rice.

When they re-"grill" ( I don't know what they call the process, they put it inside a hot stone stove to reheat it), my thandoori was mostly burnt!! after i peel of the burnt part, only left a few bites of meat for me. (T.T) Remember i had to share with Oink?

HAHA! I ever tried making my own thandoori chicken with maggie's ready made paste. Quite nice oso, but i baked them instead of BBQ-ing them. keke

The nasi briyani is nice though, but i tink quite oily la, cannot eat too much. SINFUL.


in another unrelated to food incident, remember i told u guys i will cut my hair? well..

*scratch head*

I didn't!!!!


You see, i love my long hair too much, i have kept them for sooo many years! so i had my hair stylist trim them (approx. 1.5 inch shorter) and add more layers...HEEE


* pet hair*


VampireM said...

the keropok is called papadem

13th Panda said...


Simple American said...

*claps hand*

Thanks for not cutting hair.

Chen said...

*pet your hair*
but i'm going to cut mine.. soon ;)

zeroimpact said...

Glad to know you kept your hair
Heh heh heh
Bout the tandoori chicken, the burnt part is the best!!!